Plotting with R and ggplot2

One of the hurdles I faced when learning how to plot with the ggplot2 package for R was figuring out how to arrange the data in a data.frame before passing it to the plotting function. I created this little app using Shiny to have a record of various common chart types, what commands to use […]

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Complex Functions (2)

In a previous post I explored complex functions from the perspective of domain coloring. I used the paradigm I found on Wikipedia, which is to assign a color to each point in the complex plane based on it’s phase, and a shading based on it’s modulus. Now I want to mix it up a bit; […]

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IQ Blocks (2)

After several years of on-and-off toying with IQ Blocks, I had finally figured out how many solutions there were (see here). My new question was “How many pieces can be placed before it is not always possible to reach a successful outcome?” I assumed that for every way to place the first three or even […]

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Conformal Mapping

In a previous post I explored complex functions through domain coloring. Here I would like to explore another element of complex functions – conformal mapping. The idea here is to consider some curve in the complex plane, and apply a function to it, and see what happens. The panel on the left represents the complex […]

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First Steps into Data Scraping

There is historical weather data available for download on a  Government of Canada website. One click will provide you with a CSV file containing one years worth of daily data from one monitoring station. I want many years worth of data. What if I want the data from several stations? This could get very tedious… […]

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IQ Blocks

IQ blocks is a puzzle, where you have to fit these little plastic pieces into a square frame.   Two years ago my (then) four year old son discovered that there is more than one way to arrange the pieces in the frame, which led me to ask “How many ways are there”? I decided […]

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