Second Data Project

What are most the popular courses of study?

LinkedIn provides information about what people studied in school. I wanted to compare popular college majors from around the world. I used a very scientific method to chose which schools to include in my study. I found lists of “top ranked” schools (, picked the top three in each of the following (scientifically significant) geographical regions;

I looked at the top seven majors in each region.

Here’s the result;


Most popular majors at highest ranked schools around the world

A few things to note;

  • In North America the top seven majors constitute almost 60% of students, where as in Latin America the top seven represent less that 25% of students.
  • North America leads the race in STEM subjects.
  • Africa leads the pack in business/accounting subjects, with Europe taking up the rear.

A word of caution;

  • The three top rated schools in North America were Caltech, Stanford and MIT. In Aisa one of the top three was Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. So we should be wary about STEM being over-represented. This would also affect the observation above about the concentration of STEM in North America.
  • I wondered the following; If these STEM-type of institutions are so well ranked, does that mean that they are attracting top talent? Does that show us that the society pushed it’s top talent into these fields? Can we expect that the “best” institutions are indicative of what is going on in the society as a whole?
  • It would appear that more schools need to be considered to get a more significant result, and maybe even a better method for choosing which schools to consider.

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